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A FRACTURED WORLD…still has HEART exhibition poster

Free Admission



An exhibition of photography, painting, and sculpture by Paul Osadchuk and Stephen Foreman

Sunday, October 18, 2020, 1:30 pm

The Shevchenko Museum, 1604 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Please join us October 18, 2020 at 1:30 pm for A FRACTURED WORLD…still has HEART - a virtual opening Exhibition and Artists’ Talk which was originally planned as a live opening at the Shevchenko Museum prior to covid and now is re-envisioned as a virtual exhibition.
A FRACTURED WORLD…still has HEART, presented by the Shevchenko Museum, is an exhibition of photography, painting, and sculpture by Paul Osadchuk and Stephen Foreman. This collection explores the human spirit and healing power of art for the body and mind.

Born in Brazil to Ukrainian parents, Paul Osadchuk, who makes his home in Toronto, Canada, studied photography at York University under Michael Semak and Shin Sugino. A freelance photographer since 1978 and recipient of four Ontario Art Council awards, he has exhibited in Australia, Malaysia, Mexico where he spends his winters, Peru, and Ukraine. His work has also found its way to Manitoba and New Brunswick, and extensively throughout Ontario. Paul’s photography has ranged from documentary to abstract with his current passion being on photographing world heritage sites.
To quote the artist: “The chaos of our present world has created confusion and distraction, causing us to lose touch with the familiar. We have become overwhelmed by the bigger picture and miss what once gave us pleasure. My close-up images of something larger, are an invitation to slow one’s pace and breathing; to focus on the smaller things; and to let one’s heart rediscover things that used to matter – such as these hidden gems”.

Retired dentist, Dr. Stephen Foreman, now an abstract painter and stone sculptor, studied under Willy Reed in Florida and Mary Ellen Farrow in Ontario. Their technical instruction and mentorship encouraged him to explore and provided him with the tools to evolve and express his creativity; to attune to the message of the stone; and to manifest sculptural forms both visual and healing.
Studying acrylic painting under Mary Wood, Claudia Mcabe, Emillia Perri, and Miles Laventhal, from whom he learned to explore the application on canvas of texture, free form, colour, dynamics, dimension, and symmetry, he found that abstract art allowed him the freedom to give full expression to  his imagination. “Each of my stone sculptures or abstract acrylic pieces of art, I feel are a co-creation to share the healing energy through love and connection with the spirit”, says the artist.
With years of experience and boundless imagination, both Paul Osadchuk and Stephen Foreman have exhibited both on the domestic and international stage and they continue to find new and intriguing ways to create art that is both abstract and imaginative.
Admission to the exhibition is by appointment only. Info: or call 416-534-8662.

To watch a virtual exhibition opening and an Artist's Talk please follow the link: