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ROZKOLYADA: UKRAINIAN FOLK TRADITIONS FOR PARTING WITH WINTER, a virtual workshop by ethnomusicologist Marichka Marczyk

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ROZKOLYADA: Ukrainian Folk Traditions for Parting with Winter

A workshop-presentation by ethnomusicologist Marichka Marczyk

Wednesday, February 9, 2022, 7 PM


On Wednesday, February 9, 2022, the Shevchenko Museum will present ROZKOLYADA: UKRAINIAN FOLK TRADITIONS FOR PARTING WITH WINTER, a virtual workshop-presentation by ethnomusicologist Marichka Marczyk.

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From time immemorial, Ukrainians have celebrated the changing of seasons through ancient folk practices, story-telling, singing and dancing. As a season wanes, it is imperative to honour and celebrate it, acknowledge its parting, and bless and welcome the incoming one. As seasonal transitions are not entirely without challenge and knowing that the future is uncertain, the folk devised rituals for appeasing the natural elements and smoothing the way.

A graduate of Kyiv’s National Music Academy of Ukraine, Marichka Marczyk is an ethnomusicologist, folklorist, vocalist and musician. In addition to performing with Lemon Bucket Orkestra and the band Balaklava Blues, she is co-director of the award-winning folk opera, Counting Sheep. She is also the creator of “Folk Songs of Ukraine”, a unique on-line encyclopedia of rare audio recordings collected over half a century by folklorists in Ukrainian villages.

The Shevchenko Museum invites you to ROZKOLYADA, a workshop with Marichka Marczyk who will take you on a magical journey, sharing little known facts about Ukrainian folk traditions for parting with winter.

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